GlobeMaster 46 Residential Yacht

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“Explore the innovative Globemaster 1400 ‘Residential’ – a unique residential yacht currently under construction amidst pure yachts. Frisian Shipbuilding Lemmer recently delivered the 14-meter hull of this electrically propelled marvel, drawing inspiration from colossal ro/ro car-carriers, known for their massive length and volume.

Key Features:

  • All floors well above the waterline
  • Generous house-like headroom
  • Electric 35 KW permanent magnet propulsion by Green Marine and Frisian Shipbuilding
  • Remutech steering system with an oversized Side Power bow thruster
  • Loopik Shipyard’s meticulous on-site preservation using Amerlock for eco-friendly durability

Versatile Design: The yacht boasts a robust build with an extra 1mm plate thickness, making it suitable for Cat B placement. Its bilge keels allow it to stand independently not only on mudflats but also in storage.

Sustainable Living: Designed as a residential alternative, the yacht is a pragmatic solution to the housing market crunch. Benefit from a mortgage provider offering support for a 20-year term, covering ¾ of the construction cost with tax-deductible interest when used as a primary residence.

Innovative Technology: Featuring a LiPo 4 battery bank, solar power, and a 4-cylinder Vetus generator, the yacht offers an eco-friendly, self-sufficient concept. Optionally, it can run on GTL or renewable oil, providing a ‘lightly green,’ quiet, and low-maintenance living experience.

Future-Ready Design: Designer Nieland envisions a sail-assist version, offering a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly alternative with a carefully crafted design supporting a simple yet robust rigging system.

Logistics and Collaboration: Collaborating with trusted suppliers, the yacht’s unpainted aluminum above the waterline streamlines logistics. The shipyard, known for its high-speed displacement yachts, continues to innovate with a diverse range of vessels.

Consultancy Services: As consultants, we are involved in developing a 17-meter Corvette for Deepwateryachts and contributing to the design of foiling catamarans.

Discover the perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and versatility with the Globemaster 1400 ‘Residential.’ Contact us for more information on this unique residential yacht and other innovative projects by Frisian Shipbuilding Lemmer.”

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