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The Andante has a razor-sharp bow that cuts through the water and takes on little water, an extra-stiff hull with a design that reduces wave action. Even at high speed, the vessel will glide smoothly over the water and live up to its name. In fact, Andante is an old, Italian musical term that literally means 'going quietly'.

For a composer, a musical journey begins with a blank page and the desire to create something beautiful. For a sailor, a beautiful journey begins with an inventory of boating desires. In other words: how far, comfortably and safely do you want to sail, for example? And with how many people and for how long? Do you see the ocean as a boundary or as a travel route?

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Andante yachts

"The only time you regret it is when you have to go home again."

About us

Does innovation in timeless-looking motor and sailing yachts sound strange? He doesn’t think so. It is knowing your classics, the ‘law and order’ of the sea and daily sailing practice, but at the same time being open to everything that literally and figuratively moves in his world and that of his customer. This in order to constantly improve, to always get the most out of it within the set length or budget. Creativity not only as a yacht architect, but also in the form of down to earth ingenuity.

Willem Nieland

Founder and CEO

A yacht, ship or small vessel drawn by Willem Nieland is different.

Not because it has to be different, no, because it wants to add something to what is already there.

Willem Nieland

Current Models

Andante 500 OC

Andante 438 OC

Andante 380 OC

Andante AC PH

Andante 400 AC

Andante 505 CONCEPT

A yacht, ship or small vessel drawn by Willem Nieland is different.

Not because it necessarily has to be different, but because it wants to add something to what is already there.

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