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The Globe master concept

GLOBEMASTER – The Ultimate Pleasure Craft to Replace Your Home! Not to be confused with a massive military cargo plane, this vessel is both practical and exceptionally durable. Its sailing characteristics are mean and lean, designed by the renowned yacht architect Willem Nieland, a frequent designer of ‘Boat of the Year’ winners.

With a progressive design infused with the DNA of famous Dutch superyachts and industrial workboats, the GLOBEMASTER offers an extra layer of pleasure, allowing for your own interpretation.

Our focus revolves around the 4 E’s: Ecology, Efficiency, Economy, and Ergonomics. Our materials are worker-friendly during construction and ensure your long-term satisfaction with minimal maintenance.

With five boats currently under construction and meticulous preparation for future types, we empower you to build your own boat, guided by an experienced team of builders and architects. This includes obtaining a CE certificate and guarantees on all components. Your ship will also receive an inalienable number from the land registry when the keel is laid, ensuring safety and compliance.

We are actively exploring financing options in collaboration with partners who support this development. While interest is typically tax-deductible, property taxes are not applicable, offering you a financially attractive opportunity for a unique and luxurious living experience

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Current models

Globemaster 50

The layout is based on pure efficiency, economy and ergonomics, but the kitchen and bathrooms are designed according to your taste in terms of material and color choice. This also applies to the finish; inside is standard Elms with a lot of white and gray, outside white or gray with walking decks in wood tint/color anti-slip up to (indistinguishable from a real teak ship deck) Flexiteek ® The choice is yours as long as it is not tropical hardwood, furthermore that we do not burden you with unnecessary maintenance.

Globemaster 34

In accordance with established standards, specifications and budgets, we build a boat for you, which you, as your own producer, are jointly at the helm. Surrounded by a top team of experienced builders and architects, it will be delivered turnkey. This with CE certificate and all guarantees on all components. When laying the keel, an employee of the Land Registry will provide your ship with an inalienable number; safe and sound!

Globemaster 53LRV Residential

Due to the compactness of the double-deck/split level residential yacht, however, it can be moored at any cozy quay for a maximum of two euros per linear metre. Or for nothing at a lovely green strip in Friesland! With the enormous tank capacity and many solar cells, it is self-supporting as almost energy neutral!

Globemaster 46 Residential

“The idea behind this houseboat is to replace a home and gain a beautiful yacht in the process. In this challenging real estate market, choosing a yacht can be a pragmatic solution. Harbor masters and authorities are becoming more lenient; one could say, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ It’s worth noting that we have a mortgage provider willing to consider 20 years of support for ¾ of the construction cost with a slightly higher interest rate. Moreover, the interest is tax-deductible if you genuinely reside on it.

Globemaster 45 SailExplorer

The contemporary concept is averse to any docility! Every line or every detail is functional. So also the shape of the transom, which old Waarschip sailors will recognize, only in a newfangled form and just like the beautiful Globemaster 45 in the final phase of completion.

Liveaboard MOTOR- & sail Explorer YACHTs


About us

Exploring Innovation in Timeless Motor and Sailing Yachts. Embracing the classics, the essential ‘law and order’ of the sea, and the daily sailing routine while remaining open to new horizons, both literally and figuratively. Our aim is continuous improvement, maximizing your yacht’s potential within the specified length and budget. We foster creativity not just as yacht architects but also through practical ingenuity, ensuring your sailing experience is as exceptional as it is timeless.

Willem Nieland

Founder and CEO

A yacht, ship or boat drawn by Willem Nieland is different.

Not different because it has to be different, no because it wants to add something to what is already there.

Willem Nieland

The Globe master concept

Freedom and security go hand in hand; the principle!

Your residential address could be the cozy Admiralty Quay with lots of restaurants and camara’s. In the sixteenth century full of trading ships and warships, or just across the dynamic Maas at the famous ‘kop van Zuid’. This equally chic Five Worlds at Entrepothaven. This was one of the first dug harbors in the nineteenth century and also managed by Mr. Redeker’s Jachthaven Group. More of our clients live or have lived there. View of old warehouses, a large supermarket, nice restaurants and in the background the skyline of the Kop van Zuid, all within short walking distance, but you can also take your dinghy!

You get your valuable metal house for not that much more than the fast rising average house price. Getting on a plane for a vacation destination can be passe. Having a berth for a year in this marina group, you assure yourself of a bit more; his amount, comparable to monthly service charges you may spent in big city apartment, gives you the right to use sister ports without paying extra! Alternating live behind the dunes at the affiliated Marina Stellendam, lie in the center of Amsterdam in Amsterdam Marina, lie in the Regatta Center of the historic Medemblik or at Marina Schokkerland on the other side of the IJsselmeer!

No Tiny House.

Because of the compactness of the double deck/split level yachts, it can be moored at any cozy quay or marina for mostly two euros per linear meter. Or for nothing at all on a lovely green strip in Friesland! With the huge tank capacity and many solar cells she is self-supporting as almost energy-neutral! You have a house and a yacht at the same time.

For the first time in history, the aging of the water sporters causes open spaces in cozy marinas, close to that inhabited world that cries out for houses to live in. You boat is not a concrete ark or refit workboat, all so hated by municipalities, every harbor master welcomes you. A fixed residential address for the purposes of the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) lots of times is no problem (and never a problem for the Yacht Harbour Group!) If you are there for a year and getting a new job elsewhere you can take your ship with you! We will help you look for berths after delivery and we are able to relieve you of technical maintenance if that is what you want. 

Too good to be true? Feel free to check out every party involved. We can show you previously built ships, the relationships with clients are far from cold.

Split level and no clambering on a Globemaster 50

We have so much lot to say, we like to take you with us through a Globemaster 50, now three almost ready. On board it is all about playfulness of split level with an unprecedented use of space, a wide view through large windows, but without many large differences in level. The differences are gradual and small.

A kitchen with large worktops, high fridge and dining table for six, separate chairs like at home. A few steps higher you will find a cozy lounge for another six people and again a little higher a real wheelhouse. Sitting there with two people you have 360 degrees visibility plus three meters above the water means safe sailing, but you also have great view over almost every quay.  With a single step you are outside in the gangway. Single handed through the lock with the center bollard in reach!

Down a short flight of stairs and you enter the office with a 2 meter long desk and large window. A private place, where you can leave your administration, but are not isolated. It is part of the Globemaster principle; you have a view everywhere and are in contact with everyone, but without hindering each other! The fact that these long lines of sight also make the ship seem larger is a nice bonus. The fact that the ship offers so more living space than ships of that length can be explained by total skipping of any corridor or hallway plus the clever use of volume that is not used on other ships! This greater complexity in construction is only possible by investing heavily in an interior construction kit, i.e. directly engineered from the designer’s 3D. So you know out-front in detail what you get.

Because of the deliberate choice for options, parts are exchangeable for other functions. The desktop of 2 meters can become walking closet. The middle starboard quest cabin has a standard bathroom, the port hand cabin can! have one too, however is always utility room with a washing machine. Up front there is a real ‘owners suite ‘ that is bathed in light. Complete with an wide island bed with outlook over the water, hanging cupboards and large bathroom with separate shower.                     (the guest bathroom can act as midship day toilet during  heavy weather  )

All these offering more privacy than in a family house,                                                                                 All rooms have sufficient storage space and a bed in standard 1600 mm size.                                                    

All that on a vessel that can be sailed without a license (if your choice is a Volvo up to 230 hp) Excellent accessibility of reliable technology goes without saying. The standard Volvo engine is complying with latest emission requirements and silent, the shape of the ship guarantees low consumption due to less resistance. Nevertheless, electric engines can be fitted as replacement but will not carry you long distance. We can add an electric engine that is fine for a couple of hours sailing through nature resorts, towns or leaving ports in modest speed. Or much longer as ‘homebringer’ with a larger genset as normally required. We will help you with every consideration.

                                                       Outside space is as used as inside.


A lovely sheltered aft deck with high walls that we call bulwarks and on the foredeck a beautiful bow cockpit as seen nowadays on very large yachts for seating in sun or wind.

Another principle of a Globemaster; the ship can be entered from aft and steep head; yes, there is a staircase built in the vertical stem!

                     Reduce your ecological footprint your way; without losing comfort and freedom!


Need to fly everywhere for just a week will diminish, no fly-shame, you live more consciously on the water. The sunshine and the reliable Volvo while sailing will provide the electricity. The central heating and hot water is like home. The ultra-HR Kabola unit which is completely smoke-free, operates on the same fuel as for propulsion; clean GTL diesel (or normal diesel fuel) We are progressive as well as practical; no exotic, unproven applications needed.

A Globe master does what it is supposed to do, offering comfortable living comfort and silent, economical sailing through well-chosen technology and a beautiful hull shape. We make use of long-established connections; our installer already fitted “our” ships with technology in the nineties and does the same on fishing cutters and charter boats.

Forgiving and accessible.

She is very strong and with a draught of barely 1.25 meters not very vulnerable and forgiving with her fendering all around. A bow thruster  and stern thruster makes maneuvering a breeze. No experience? Our instructor can instruct and sail with you on your first trips. She can be delivered by delivery skipper. A yacht that is not at all afraid of a crossing to London or Norwegian fjords (or much further); your own Noah’s Ark! She is in the basis not fully equipped for circling the world, the special concept must remain accessible, but state of art navigation, any thinkable equipment and communication installed is no problem at all! Pragmatically balanced option packages are available; we will not leave you standing in front of choices that you may not be able to oversee.

The recipe for these times; sell your house and only add water. See you on the water, we look forward to hearing from you.   

A yacht, ship or boat drawn by Willem Nieland is different.

Not different because it has to be different, no because it wants to add something to what is already there.