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At our core, we place a premium on blending practicality and aesthetics in our designs. Our commitment is to deliver products that not only exude visual appeal but also perform with utmost efficiency. We firmly believe that functionality can elevate beauty, and practicality is an absolute essential. If you seek solutions that seamlessly combine the virtues of practicality and aesthetics, our products represent the epitome of this harmonious union. Explore our offerings for the best of both worlds in your quest for functional beauty.




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In search of a distinctive and innovative yacht, ship, or boat? Explore the world of Willem Nieland’s expert designs, where distinctiveness is not merely for the sake of being different but for injecting novelty into the maritime realm.

While ardently pursuing innovation, Nieland places great importance on upholding classic designs and time-honored sailing principles. His creations strike a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity, resulting in motor and sailing yachts that exude timeless elegance while delivering functionality and style.

Nieland’s inspiration derives from the world around him, as well as the unique preferences of his clients. He remains receptive to fresh ideas and approaches, making him the ideal choice for those seeking a truly personalized and distinctive yacht or boat.

For those in pursuit of a yacht, ship, or boat that truly stands out, Willem Nieland’s designs are the answer. With his unwavering commitment to innovation and reverence for tradition, you can expect the best of both worlds in your maritime journey.

Trendy is allowed, but still like a bit different"

Willem NIeland

A yacht, ship or boat drawn by Willem Nieland is different.

Not different because it has to be different, no because it wants to add something to what is already there.


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