A yacht, ship or boat drawn by Willem Nieland is different.

Not different because it has to be different, no because it wants to add something to what is already there.

Does innovation in timeless-looking motor and sailing yachts sound strange? He doesn’t think so. It is knowing your classics, the ‘law and order’ of the sea and daily sailing practice, but at the same time being open to everything that literally and figuratively moves in his world and that of his customer. This in order to constantly improve, to always get the most out of it within the set length or budget. Creativity not only as a yacht architect, but also in the form of down to earth ingenuity.

Trendy is allowed, but I would like something a little different; with a clear added value. Just that little bit to pop out again.

Practical to use is a must! It may, no, it must all be beautiful, it may be classic or modern, it may or may not be trendy, but ‘it has to work’. Far too often something beautiful becomes ugly because it disturbs over time. Functionality of something, on the other hand, can make things more beautiful. The art, and above all the challenge, is always to unite everything. Does that always mean an expensive boat, or one with compromises? We weigh all choices for you (and with you) with the greatest care. In addition, we put a lot of energy into good CAD/cam work preparation to ensure that the construction process runs as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes more can also be less; More speed under sail with less or the same effort, or less fuel consumption at the same speed. More fun on board with perhaps fewer annoyances, a beautiful and well-built ship in perhaps fewer hours, anyway….

Can we still dream? Of course, it’s a must! Without floaty, the feeling you have at your boat is crucial. Boating has become no less than a way of life for many.

After a long journey, what better feeling than to row away at anchor in your dinghy and keep looking back at those beautiful lines? Well, the feeling you get when you sail in somewhere and everyone turns their heads.