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Practicality in use is a must! It may, no, it must all be beautiful, it may be classic or modern, it may or may not be trendy, but ‘it has to work’. Far too often something beautiful becomes ugly because it disturbs over time. On the other hand, the functionality of something can make things more beautiful.

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About us

Looking for a yacht, ship, or boat that stands out from the rest? Look no further than the unique designs of Willem Nieland. His designs aren’t just different for the sake of being different – they add something new and exciting to the world of boating.

Nieland’s passion for innovation is evident in his designs for timeless-looking motor and sailing yachts. He strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, respecting classic designs and the principles of sailing while remaining open to new ideas and approaches.

With a focus on both function and style, Nieland’s designs are inspired by the world around him and the needs of his clients. If you’re looking for a yacht, ship, or boat that truly stands out, consider the expert designs of Willem Nieland.

Trendy is allowed, but I would like something different”

Willem NIeland

A yacht, ship, or boat designed by Willem Nieland is different.

Not different for the sake of being different, but because it wants to add something to what is already there.


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