Korvet 18 LR Deep Water Yachts

Korvet 18LR DWY Willem Nieland Design

The flagship of the Korvet fleet, the Korvet 18 LR is a true long range passage maker with ocean crossing capabilities. Built under the demanding CE-A standard in high tensile aluminium, she provides performance and comfort in all climates and under all weather conditions. Safety is always at the forefront with redundancy of propulsion and systems.

Korvet 16 CLR Deep Water Yachts

Korvet 16CLR DWY Willem Nieland Design

The Korvet16CLR is an enlarged version of the successful 14 meter. The two meter extra at the waterline translates to exponential more space on the inside. Her Aluminium hull has been adapted to higher speeds and with the right propulsion she will comfortably travel long distances at over 20 knots.

Korvet 18 LowRider Deep Water Yachts

Korvet 18 LowRider DWY Willem Nieland Design

The Korvet18LowRider embodies all the qualities one expects of a CE-A category ocean going vessel. Her fast-displacement hull cruises at 10 knots while her top speed exceeds 18 knots. With a folding mast and limited air draught of 350cm above the waterline, most canals and rivers anywhere on the globe are accessible as she will comfortably travel between continents.

Korvet 8 Deep Water Yachts

Korvet 8 DWY Willem Nieland Design

4 slaapplaatsen, een keuken, een achterdek waar je heerlijk kan zitten etc…. Wat wil je nog meer op slechts 8 meter? De beste combinatie tussen een jacht en een auto. De KORVET 8, maak een afspraak en laat u verbazen over de mogelijkheden.

Korvet 14CLR Deep Water Yachts

Korvet 14CLR DWY Willem Nieland Design

Built in aluminum under CE-A category this Dutch design yacht has all the qualities of a pocket sized exploration vessel enabling long sea voyages and living aboard in comfort and safety. Ideal for Northern European coastal and offshore waters, in every climate and all seasons. The Korvet 14 CLR is a lean and mean machine designed for no- nonsense offshore cruising.