KORVET 18 LowRider: Willem Nieland Design's Masterpiece Motoryacht

Korvet 18 LowRider DWY Willem Nieland Design

The KORVET 18 LowRider

In search of a high-performance ocean vessel that offers both comfort and safety for worldwide adventures? Meet the Korvet18LowRider, a CE-A category vessel designed for extended cruising.

With a fast-displacement hull, the Korvet18LowRider allows you to cruise at 10 knots and reach top speeds of over 18 knots. Thanks to its folding mast and a limited air draught of just 350cm above the waterline, this vessel can easily navigate canals and rivers worldwide.

Inside, the LowRider is thoughtfully designed for long-term comfort, providing ergonomic features for extended sea journeys. Safety is a top priority, with the use of premium materials and redundant systems, making the Korvet18LowRider a dependable choice for cruising from the equator to the poles.

For the ultimate ocean adventure, opt for the Korvet18LowRider – a perfect blend of speed, comfort, and safety for all your cruising needs.

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