KORVET 14CLR Motor Yacht, by Willem Nieland Design

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Korvet 14CLR DWY Willem Nieland Design

The KORVET 14 Compact Long Range

For a top-tier pocket-sized exploration vessel tailored to long sea voyages and luxurious living, your search ends with the Korvet 14 CLR. Crafted by Dutch design, this aluminum marvel is certified under CE-A category, rendering it the ultimate choice for Northern European coastal and offshore waters, unfazed by diverse climates and seasons.

The Korvet 14 CLR embodies a sleek, efficient design, making it an unapologetic powerhouse for offshore cruising. Whether you’re charting new horizons or revisiting cherished locales, this vessel seamlessly marries performance and comfort for an unrivaled boating experience.

Fully outfitted for extended voyages, the Korvet 14 CLR is the indisputable choice for intrepid mariners who demand excellence. Don’t hesitate – opt for the Korvet 14 CLR and set sail on your world exploration, enveloped in style and comfort today!

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In search of a versatile yacht that can tackle any weather condition? Look no further than our latest offering – the ultimate vessel for exploring the seas in style and comfort.

With a deck layout designed to provide shelter during inclement weather and ample space for sun-soaked relaxation, our yacht is fully equipped to enhance your aquatic experience. Featuring Marinedeck® 2000 cork insulation, you’ll stay cozy in both hot and cold climates, all while enjoying an eco-friendly, natural deck surface.

For those who crave a panoramic view of their surroundings, our yacht’s compact flybridge comes equipped with all the necessary gear for top-deck navigation. With an air draught low enough for Canal du Midi navigation, you’re free to explore any waterway of your choosing.

Don’t delay – opt for our versatile, comfortable, and eco-conscious yacht today and embark on a stylish journey of exploration!


Indulge in the epitome of luxury and comfort through our yacht’s meticulously designed interior. The moment you step on board, you’ll enter a world of spacious, well-lit opulence, offering awe-inspiring panoramic vistas while safeguarding your privacy. The bow boasts a full-beam owners’ cabin with an en suite bathroom and expansive living space. Meanwhile, the aft deck features a second cabin with a conveniently adjacent small bathroom and day toilet.

Our wheelhouse serves as the ideal daytime observation post, featuring a professional navigation bridge and “big boat” joystick steering. Below decks, the main salon exudes the ambiance of a shore-based lounge, complete with panoramic windows, a dedicated desk area, and a large-screen entertainment center. The galley is tailored for extended journeys, boasting abundant storage and workspace, thoughtfully positioned in the vessel’s center for safe meal preparation on the move.

We take immense pride in using only the most exquisite materials for our interior finishes, limited only by your imagination. Our yacht’s interiors showcase non-tropical hardwoods, natural fabrics, stainless steel, and leather. This design ensures a harmonious blend of durability and beauty, making it a sound investment for those seeking a lavish and comfortable yacht. Don’t wait any longer – step on board and embrace the ultimate luxury yacht experience today.

Korvet 14CLR DWY Willem Nieland Design


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